The Tony Byford Memorial Trophy

Tony Byford was known to most of our members. He died far to young after a long, horrible, battle with cancer.

Tony was a fantastic footballer and played for many of our local teams, because of this he was a late participant in the local golfing scene. However, once he took it up, he was addicted and as anyone that new him could imagine he had all the best equipment available.

Many of our members enjoyed very competitive rounds with Tony.

Tony sadly passed away on 9th June 2013.

Tony Byford
This is Tony with his 2 beloved sisters, Jackie and Joanne.

In 2013, All of the above resulted in our committee establishing “The Tony Byford Memorial Trophy” this has become our annual trophy for the members with the best total points score throughout each season. The trophy itself was kindly donated by Jon Newton, Manager at The Greave Dunning.

I’m proud to say that as a close friend of Tony and a founder member of The Greave Golf Society , I actually won The inaugural trophy in 2013.

This years winner, 2014  of the Tony Byford Memorial Trophy was won comfortably by Mr Dave White.

Tonys family have forwarded the following touching email:-

Firstly may we say, we are all deeply touched and honoured by this tribute to our brother Tony Byford.
Tony was born in liverpool, January 11th 1962, where he lived with his mum Eileen and his dad joe. When Tony was 11 yrs old, he and the family moved over to thingwall on the wirral. Tony attended pensby boys school and when he left he went into the gaming business, eg fruit machines etc. he met and married a lovely girl named Andrea and that is when they set up home in greasby . Andrea and Tony both passed away from cancer in the same year, and even though they divorced they remained good friends. Tony went on to have a beautiful daughter Ellie, whom he adored, and as Ellie would tell you today, he was the best dad in the world. Tony was also an incredible uncle to my two daughters, and he just loved to tantalise and wind them up , but also he spoilt them rotten. And they both worshipped their uncle Tony.
Tony was also a loving son to his dad joe, and ended up working alongside his dad in the family business.
Tony was the best brother two sisters could ever wish to have. He would do anything for us, he was a great role model and a true friend.
As friends will remember, Tony loved a good laugh and loved to wind people up, in a good way mind. Speaking on behalf of our brother 
Tony byford. He would be honoured and overwhelmed, and those of you that knew him well, you can imagine him saying , too right I deserve this tribute , ha ha. 
Tony was starting to enjoy his golf in the greasby golf society, and even upto a few weeks before his passing he was playing.
From all of Tony’s family , THANKYOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Best wishes

Joe, jackie & Joanne xxx